Transformational learning by and for storytellers

Online learning that harnesses the transformational power of storytelling is the most convenient, efficient, and economical tool when it comes to bringing about profound personal changes and empowering you to reach your goals. Check out our courses below and start the transformation!

From Aspiring Writer to Successful Author

Are you ready to kick your writing career into gear? Been dreaming of being a successful author for a long time now, but you still can’t see a clear path to writing success? This course is for you.

Course creation for storytellers

 Have you been looking for a way to create an evergreen source of income that will allow you to devote more time and energy to writing? As a writer, you’re a natural teacher. This course, designed specifically for writers, will teach you how to harness storytelling to create transformational online courses.

Media Training for creatives

 Been wanting to harness the power of video, whether it’s for online course creation, webinars, YouTube videos, or your social media platform, but feel really awkward about it? This budget-priced course (included for free in Course Creation for Storytellers) will help you to feel more confident producing high-quality videos. 

English With Rosa

A revolutionary language course that harnesses the power of storytelling. We are devoted to helping Latin American women to gain the skills and knowledge that will give them more opportunities to support their families.

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Free writing tutorials

Not ready to bite the bullet on our paid courses yet? Check out our YouTube channel for a great selection of free videos. You’re sure to find one that will help you!